About Our Team

Over the last 4 years, we've had some amazing people join our team behind the scenes. These people have donated countless hours pulling everything together to make sure this is the premier Magic-related giveaway each year!

Lets meet our Admins!

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Project MTG (Owner)

Koert is the owner of Project MTG and manages The 31 Days of Christmas.

Visit him online at twitter.com/prjctmtg!

Jenn (Fef)

The Lotus Council

Jenn helps us keep things running smoothly with all of the different creators and gathering their videos. Visit her online at twitter.com/feffiner!

Seb (WoWo)

The Lotus Council

Seb helps us with anything and everything stream related for our giveaway each year. Visit him online at twitter.com/SebBlackwell!

The Doc


The Doc graciously donates his time and skills to provide us with all the graphics that we need to run the 31 Days of Christmas!


Exotic MTG (31 DoC Founder)

Marcus created the 31 Days of Christmas back in 2018 and continues to work behind the scenes each year. Visit them online at twitter.com/exoticmtg!


The Lotus Council

Sona is in charge of video editing and getting the videos uploaded and posted daily across all of our social media channels. Visit him online at twitter.com/BhiennSona!


Exotic MTG

Amber is an Admin with Exotic MTG and she helps co-ordinate the content creators and the scheduling!