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Welcoming our 6th Sponsor, Helvault!

Helvault is a collection manager for Magic: The Gathering players and collectors who want to spend more time enjoying their cards, instead of typing names...

They will be donating codes for the unlocked version of the app!

With a powerful card scanner with exclusive AI, Helvault is capable of identifying cards from all Magic's history without a hassle.

Sort, filter, play and understand your card collection like never before!

Key features:

  • Powerful MTG card scanner

  • Unlimited cards on your collection, for FREE!

  • Detailed stats about your collection

  • Card details, including prices

  • Export your collection as a CSV file

  • No ads, forever

Need help? Follow them on Twitter: @helvault_mtg.

The scanner feature needs an active internet connection to work properly.

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